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From the Ministry for the Environment website:

Following the successful plastic shopping bag ban, the Government is proposing to phase-out more single-use and hard-to-recycle plastic items.

The four month public consultation process ends on 4 December.

Seven single-use items have been identified for proposed phase-out, as they provide problems to New Zealand’s waste management system, or end up as litter.

The proposed products are:

  • single-use plastic bags
  • tableware (e.g. plastic plates, bowls, cutlery)
  • non-compostable produce stickers
  • drink stirrers
  • some single-use cups and lids
  • plastic cotton buds
  • plastic straws.

Learn more about the proposed plastic phase-outs:

  1. Full consultation document
  2. Summary document
  3. Video – plastic phase-out consultation

Making a submission is easy:

  1. Online (substantial submission or short version)
  2. Email: plastics.consultation@mfe.govt.nz
  3. Post: to Plastics Consultation, Ministry for the Environment, PO Box 10362, Wellington 6143

Submissions close* 5pm on Friday, 4 December 2020

* The public consultation began on 12 August, and was extended by a month following Auckland Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.


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