WhEB Eco Library

WhEB Library

Sustainable Whanganui has a great resource library at the WhEB. For a $5 subscription per year members can borrow from our extensive range of practical, philosophical, ecological, sustainable and environmental books and magazines.

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Re-Use Academy - list of things

Re-Use Academy

We welcome donations of interesting and useful (clean) things for our storerooms. Please check out our list of preferred goodies.

We also welcome visits by school and community groups wanting useful and interesting things for art projects.

Come and take stuff away - an appropriate koha is all that is asked.  

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The Story of Stuff

When Annie created and launched The Story of Stuff in December of 2007, that was supposed to be it. One movie, one web page. But when that movie went viral, the response was undeniable. A chord was struck, a community was galvanized and The Story of Stuff Project was born!

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River Exchange & Barter System (REBS)


REBS is a non-profit Whanganui Trading System which has been operating in the region for 18 years. 

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Save 14 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year

And save about $2000 in the process!

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The Wombat

the wombat

A short, humorous reminder that ...
All is One.

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carboNZero household calculator

reduce carbon footprint

Enter your stats to calculate your home's carbon footprint

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One Planet Living

one planet living

One Planet Living
is based on 10 principles developed
by BioRegional and WWF

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