Conscious local action towards a sustainable future for the Earth

Sustainable Whanganui Trust wants the whole community to flourish in these changing and challenging times.
We have resources (and considerable collective wisdom) to help our community become
more self-sufficient and live sustainably and creatively.
Our resources page is a good place to start.



Most Beautiful City!

“It’s official – we all knew it but now we can tell the world that Whanganui really is New Zealand’s most beautiful city.”

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Mural Workshop

6-10 January 2020. For keen young artists (9 years+) who would like to create murals of iconic local buildings from repurposed things.

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17-20 January 2020

… is about celebrating the very best of every era: be it magnificent machinery, fabulous fashion, beautiful buildings, magical music or fantastic fare.

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14 January 2020

Wild About Weeds with Margi Keys: “If you know which weeds can be eaten, just think how much money you could save.”

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Whanganui Environment Base

83 Maria Place
Ph: 06 345 6000

Opening Hours

Proudly run by volunteers! We aim to keep the WhEB and ReUse Academy open Mon – Fri 10am-4pm and Sat 10am-12pm. Green Bikes is open Fri 10am-4pm.