Community resilience is our main aim.

Sustainable Whanganui Trust wants the whole community to flourish in these changing and challenging times.
We have resources (and considerable collective wisdom) to help our community become
more self-sufficient and live sustainably and creatively.
Our resources page is a good place to start.

2019 – we’re (mostly) back! 
Some of our lovely volunteers are still on holiday, 
so please forgive us if the WhEB and RUA are not open full hours.

GREEN BIKES is open Fridays though.


“Bags For Good”

December update: our box is nearly full! Thanks everyone and keep doing the good thing till the end of January 2019.

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Whanganui Environment Base

83 Maria Place
Ph: 06 345 6000

Opening Hours

Proudly run by volunteers! We aim to keep the WhEB and ReUse Academy open Mon – Fri 10am-4pm and Sat 10am-12pm. Green Bikes is open Fri 10am-4pm.