Green Bikes/Pahikara Matomato

Want a good bike, but would rather recycle one (pun intended) than buy a low-quality, cheap one? Visit the Green Bikes team and they’ll sort you out. The Green Bikes workshop presently operates out of premises behind the WhEB office on Fridays from 10am to 4pm.

Green Bikes’ success can be attributed to the extraordinary commitment of its workshop managers and willing enthusiasm of a small group of volunteers who, past and present, generously donate their time. Their support has meant hundreds of donated bikes have been made road-worthy and sold for a nominal price.

Donated bicycles are repaired to a high standard, and then offered for sale at special discounts for children, pensioners and beneficiaries. In the process a valuable resource is recycled, and the skills and knowledge used in bicycle repair and maintenance are cultivated and retained within the community. The workshop provides cheap bicycles, used bike parts, and repairs as services to people on low incomes. The workshop also provides valuable opportunities for people to work alongside skilled staff and learn about bicycle maintenance and repair. Since its inception in May 2008 over 700 bicycles have been recycled.

Green Bikes also works with local interest groups and agencies to increase cycle awareness, and promote cycling as a cheap, healthy and environmentally-friendly transport option.

Green Bikes, an initiative of Sustainable Whanganui Trust, was set up in 2008 with funding from Whanganui Community Foundation and NZ Land Transport Agency and continues with funding from Lotteries and other agencies.

Green Bikes staff can be contacted through the WhEB on 06 345 6000.