For our cycling community

What is Green Bikes?

Green Bikes is an open workshop for the Whanganui community to come and fix their own bikes. With friendly mechanics on hand to help, the focus is on learning how to DIY and providing access to our library of tools, building skills and knowledge in the community.

A complementary aspect is the reuse of donated bikes, as parts or whole, towards refurbished bicycles for sale at low/affordable prices.

Our “Why”

Cycling is a clean, green, and inexpensive means of Active Travel, with positive health benefits. In Whanganui, a predominantly flat and sprawling town, cycling is a great way to get around. It can reduce isolation and transport poverty, providing people with a sense of independence and autonomy.

However, cycling can be fraught with unexpected challenges and pitfalls, if you don’t have the knowledge or support to get you back on two wheels.

Green Bikes helps to remove barriers by providing:

  • Access to our library of specific (and sometimes costly) tools
  • A guiding mechanical hand to get people started, and support their learning
  • Signposting to other resources, such as local bike shops, cycle training, providing cycle-path maps, and being a point of connection for cycling in Whanganui


Check for updates re opening times on our Facebook page.

Volunteers welcome!